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How are logos, ethos, and pathos expressed in "Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood" by Richard Rodriguez?

In "Aria," logos is expressed through Richard Rodriguez’s analysis of policies and practices, especially bilingual education. The author uses ethos in establishing his experience and insights as reliable indicators of his positive intentions. He shows pathos through poignant memories of his emotional reactions to starting a new school and other upheavals.

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In “Aria,” the first chapter of his memoir, author Richard Rodriguez examines the impact of his childhood, a period when he became bilingual in Spanish and English after his family moved to the United States. Rodriguez applies logos in the analytical portions, in which he addresses practices that affected children’s bilingualism in terms of classroom education. Ethos is expressed largely through his portrayal of his own experience as a source of insights into the development of bilingualism, thereby encouraging the reader to...

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