How are General Zaroff and Rainsford alike and different in the story "The Most Dangerous Game"?

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Sanger Rainsford and General Zaroff are both accomplished hunters, who enjoy big-game hunting and share similar views regarding their sport as well as their place in the world. At the beginning of the story, Rainsford tells Whitney that the world is made up of two classes, which are the "hunters and the huntees." Rainsford's belief in his inalienable right to exercise his strength over weaker beings is similar to Zaroff's perspective. Zaroff mentions,

"Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and, if needs be, taken by the strong. The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure." (Connell, 8)

In addition to their similar perspectives regarding hunting and exercising their will over others, Rainsford and Zaroff are both competitive, intelligent individuals. Rainsford demonstrates his intelligence and determination by cleverly fashioning traps to slow down Zaroff during the most dangerous game. Zaroff displays his intelligence by being well-read and having the...

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