How are gender roles portrayed in the novel There There by Tommy Orange? Use at least 5 quotes from the book to strengthen your arguments.

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Gender roles are complex in the novel There There , since the story has twelve narrators of varying genders and ages who represent a variety of personalities; however, some themes on gender do emerge. For example, there is a reoccurring theme of men as violent or immature and women as exploited and abused yet strong enough to overcome these obstacles and take charge of their lives. Many of the men in the novel struggle financially and live with their mother or grandmother. The men, such as Edwin and Octavio, need women for survival and basic life skills, such as eating properly or obtaining a job. Many of the women, such as Blue and Jacquie, have experiences of sexual assault, indicating the degree to which Native American women face violent threats—from both Native American and non-Native men. Many of the other women, such as Opal, Karen, and Fina, are caregivers and providers. There are counterexamples to these general trends, such as Dene Oxendene, who is a hardworking filmmaker...

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