How are each of the Seven Commandments broken in Animal Farm?

In Animal Farm, the Seven Commandments are broken by Napoleon and other pigs engaging in business with humans, treating other animals brutally, wearing clothing, sleeping in beds, drinking alcohol, executing other animals, and establishing hierarchy and privilege on the farm.

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The Seven Commandments, as set down by Old Major, are supposed to form the basis of the new Animalist utopia built by the animals after Mr. Jones is sent packing from the farm. But over time, Napoleon and the other pigs start making subtle changes to each Commandment, to provide cover for their many nefarious acts and to give them free reign to do as they please.

The First Commandment states that whatever goes on two legs—i.e. is a human—is an enemy. Yet Napoleon blatantly violates this Commandment by engaging in lucrative trade with the nearest town and with local farms.

The Second Commandment states that whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend. But try telling that to the hens massacred on the orders of Napoleon for refusing to hand over their eggs. Some friendship this is!

The Third Commandment states that no animal shall wear clothes. Napoleon, however, fancies himself as a bit of a sharp dresser, so ends up disregarding the commandment entirely. The pigs like wearing...

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