How are consumerism and technology related to the loss of identity in Feed?

Consumerism and technology are related to the loss of identity in Feed because human relationships between individuals are replaced by relationships between humans and advertising.

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In order to fully appreciate the insight of this connection, it's important to consider the publication year of Feed: 2002. At this time, Instagram and Snapchat didn't exist; by 2019, they had had 111 million users and 210 million daily users, respectively. Spotify didn't exist, either, and by 2019, it had 232 million users.

What difference does that make?

Social media and online streaming services have impacted more than our social networking. Because of an increasing tendency to navigate online, most of us are exposed to advertisements through these forms of social media and streaming in much greater amounts than we were in 2002—and those total ads just keep climbing. In Feed, Anderson saw the writing on the wall in the connection between our burgeoning electronic lives and the advertising we were therefore exposing ourselves to, and he created a novel where characters were impacted by massive advertising efforts.

Consider what happens when Titus gets off the ship in chapter 2:

When we...

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