The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

by Mark Haddon
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How are Christopher and his relationships with others presented in the play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time? How is he an important character?

Christopher is intellectually brilliant but emotionally insensitive, and he experiences difficulty relating to those around him. His unique point of view pervades the play, and all the other characters act as foils for his personality and ideas.

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Christopher is presented as a brilliantly gifted boy who experiences difficulty in understanding and relating to those around him. Audiences of the play and readers of the book on which it is based often assume that Christopher is autistic, although this condition is not specifically mentioned.

The central relationships in the play are those between Christopher and his father and mother. In the case of his father, Christopher's lack of empathy makes it particularly difficult for him to see his father in the same light after he learns the admittedly disturbing truth about both Wellington and his mother. The main hope for him to reestablish normal relations with his father seems to be his mother's encouragement for them to talk to each other.

Although Siobhan has an increased role in the play, sharing the task of narration with Christopher by reading out his words, it is still very much Christopher's drama. He is the central character in the play, driving the action forward with his investigation, and all the other characters serve as foils for his unique personality. The actress playing Siobhan has a great many lines, but, within the context of the play, the character of Siobhan is only reading Christopher's words, which reinforces his idiosyncratic point of view.

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