How can I apply the science of psychology to my own personal life and experiences by getting job skills?

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psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a few ways that you can apply psychological concepts to help you improve your job skills and gain employment.

1. A cognitive-behavioral approach focuses on how one's thought process and approach to a situation effects their behavior. You look at the relationship between your thoughts and feelings and how these have a direct effect on your behavior. You can use this approach to assist you with maintaining a positive approach to job seeking. If you can outline for yourself why you are employable and what skills make you a strong candidate, this will help you focus on these skills while you are applying for a job, as well as giving you the confidence needed to focus on these skills while you are interviewing with potential employers.

2. Operant Conditioning shows us that if we are rewarded for a behavior we are more likely to repeat it. Looking for a job can be a "job within itself" and job seekers often spend up to 40 hours a week seeking, and applying to, potential employers.  When you are rewarded for this behavior with a job interview you are more likely to continue this behavior. If a particular behavior results in not getting a job interview or a job offer, this behavior can be extinguished so it is not repeated. For example, if going to a job interview in sweatpants results in not getting a job offer, you will be less likely to repeat this behavior in the future to avoid the same outcome.

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