How is anxiety the main/principal response of Victorians to their society, historical views, and the way they see themselves? How is this displayed in "In Memoriam"?

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Rapid scientific advances and technological changes in the nineteenth century led Victorians to feel anxious about their society, their historical views, and how they saw themselves. This century saw a very rapid scientific leap forward, as society reaped the rewards of the investments in factories and industrial technology begun in the eighteenth century.

Further, the invention of the railroad shortened distances between places, and the beginning of modern medicine began to give humans control over their bodies and a reasonable chance to fight disease in a rational way. Most radically, even before Darwin published On the Origin of Species ,scientists were beginning to challenge accepted and seemingly settled knowledge about the origin of the world and humankind. The authority of the Bible as an account of God's creation of the earth, including when and how it happened, increasingly seemed to run counter to scientists' geological and biological findings. People became anxious, as it began...

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