How is Antigone portrayed as the main victim in the work by Sophocles?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one argument in favor of arguing as to how Antigone is the victm is because she is not in the position of legal or socially established power.  Antigone must be seen as the victim to a great extent because she is not in power.  Creon is.  Creon is the source of the problems in the drama.  Antigone is simply responding to the laws and actions that others have passed.  She has to be seen as a victim because she is not in the position of power to speak or have her view validated by the authority structure.  Another way in which she is the victim is because she is tossed into jail and imprisoned for her beliefs, helping to make her more of a victim.  Antigone is a victim because she fully recognizes that her actions will make no difference.  They will not bring her brother bac nor will it end the pain that her family has endured.  Yet, I think that the fact that she persevered though it, no manner what, helps to bring out the victimization that is present in Antigone's life and her struggle.  Finally, I think that Antigone is the victim because she never leads a life where happiness is evident.  In this, she strikes me as quite victimized.