How does Anne justify being boisterous and reckless most of the time?

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Although Anne Frank is living in a most dire situation with her family, her diary reveals that she is still a teenage girl who is expressive, opinionated, and bordering on ostentatious at times. She writes about her fellow family members in hiding and their frivolous behavior given their situation. While writing about her annoyance with such actions, she uses such conduct and previous resentments with family members to justify her own reckless behavior.

Anne Frank's entries also show the typical conflicts experienced among siblings with various personality types. While Margot is attractive, well-liked, and well-behaved, Anne demonstrates a more rebellious attitude that causes tension with her mother. Anne uses this tension to justify her more eccentric behavior, and the fact that her father does not openly disapprove of her gives Anne all the more reason to feel justified in her actions.

However, we also see Anne's humanity, as she can recognize these qualities about herself. In an entry on January 19, 1944, she writes, “Isn't it awful of me to be preoccupied with myself?” Although mostly independent and self-justifying throughout the diary, Anne Frank occasionally demonstrates that she is aware of her own shortcomings.

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Anne, being the youngest and most spirited resident in hiding, makes no excuses for her actions, even though she is well aware that often she annoys many of the others. Her behavior is typical of a young girl in that she has a contentious relationship with her mother and adores her father, who sets fewer limits and encourages her imagination. When her mother laments that Anne is not more like Margot, Anne's sister, Anne's only justification is that she is who she is, and it is impossible for her to change. She accepts the shortcomings of others and expects them to show her the same courtesy. Her passion, curiosity, and creativity are both endearing and aggravating to each of the residents on some level, but she makes no apologies for the latter.

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