From Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, where does Anne Frank reveal that she was not considered a good girl?

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In Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne names her diary "Kitty" and reveals her deepest secrets to it during the time she and her family are confined to the Secret Annex as Jews in occupied Holland. They, and many other families, have been forced into hiding for their own safety.  

Anne compares herself unfavorably to her sister Margot who has always got good grades and who has a relationship with their mother that Anne has never had. Anne is very close to her father although he does seem to favor her sister sometimes but she wonders if she even loves her mother. In her diary entry dated Saturday, January 30, 1943, Anne is feeling very isolated and wonders why her mother uses "nasty words and mocking looks" towards her constantly. She feels that no matter what she does, she will be in trouble. When she does speak up, the others in the Annex (even her father), think that she is just showing off; however, when she keeps quiet they think that she is "ridiculous" and they think that she is answering back when she replies. The criticism leveled at Anne is hard to take and this makes her question and doubt herself. She even goes as far as suggesting that she should ask "God to give me another personality' because it seems she "antagonizes everyone." Anne really does do her best and so reminds herself that "I'm not a bad person" but clearly, she wonders what more she needs to do to prove it.  

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