How are the animals characterized?

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All of the animals are given human characteristics, but none are fully fleshed out into three-dimensional figures.

First, certain types of animals are grouped together and given only one or two major characteristics. The sheep, for example, are very unintelligent and easily brainwashed and led by the pigs. The hens, on the other hand, have more intelligence and are fiercely protective of their eggs (their unborn children), even standing up to Napoleon to try to protect them, although to no avail. The dogs are fierce and loyal to the pigs.

A few of the animals do get individualized. Mollie, for instance, is a horse who loves to wear ribbons and eat sugar: she is silly and would rather have her material comforts than be free. Moses is a sly liar of a raven who will weave false tales about Sugarcandy Mountain in return for food so that he doesn't have to do any real work. Squealer is a slimy,...

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