How is Animal Farm a satire where Orwell uses irony to mock the vices and hypocrisy of humans?

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Orwell uses irony to mock the vices of humans because the animals overthrow the humans and then the pigs bring back all of the offenses that the humans stood for.

Old Major describes the abuses of humankind in his speech at the beginning of the book.  He explains that man is the only animal that consumes without producing.  The animals would be better off without humans. 

When Jones and his men forget to feed the animals, they rebel.  They break open the shed and everyone eats.  When the men try to stop them they run them off the farm.  The men try to return, but the animals keep them out.  Before you know it they are creating their own perfect world: Animal Farm .  It is based on the principles of Animalism, an animal-based philosophy...

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