How is Animal Farm a parody?

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While the novella Animal Farm is of itself not a parody, there are certain characters and circumstances that parody historical or political figures and situations. Here are some of them:

  • In Chapter 1, Major has composed a song for the animals entitled "Beasts of England"; this song parodies the "Internationale,"a socialist anthem composed by the Paris Commune of 1871.
  • The Seven Commandments of the animals is a parody of The Communist Manifesto
  • Squealer's revisionism of history parodies the historical revisionism of Russia by its Communists.
  • Napoleon's vicious dogs are a parody the secret police of Stalin
  • Napoleon's adaption to standing on two legs and drinking whisky like men parodies Stalin's becoming as callous to the people as Czar Nicholas.
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Animal Farm can be seen as a parody because the animals are talking. Obviously, animals can't talk so that alone is kind of a "joke". 

Another reason why it's a parody is because some of the animals' actions are based on real life, famous people. For example, Napoleon's military force is based on Joseph Stalin

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