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I think that Orwell constructs the narrative to show the cyclical nature of revolutions.  Orwell's basic idea is that the declaration of independence and freedom and the sustaining of it are two different realities.  Revolutionaries that strive for absolute change find themselves embracing more conventional means when they recognize that preaching for change and actually accomplishing it are two different things.  I think that Orwell uses this idea to structure his narrative.  He is able to show how the call for revolution and the adoption of Animalism is seen in one light at the start of the novel.  Gradually as the animals gain power, Orwell's structure begins to turn into a circular manner, reflecting how revolutions can sometimes betray their own principles in order to consolidate power.  It is through this circularity that the pigs' power becomes to resemble that of Jones.  In the end, the animals fail to recognize the difference between the pigs and the humans, a moment that was commemorated with the renaming of "Animal Farm" to "Manor Farm," the original name of the farm under Jones.  In this structural approach, Orwell is able to bring out one of the powerful elements of the novel, an idea in which structure and theme go together.

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