How is Angela Shepard described in That Was Then This Is Now?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Angela Shepard is Bryon’s beautiful ex-girlfriend who is described as having a rotten personality. Angela is a very moody girl and Bryon mentions that their dates either ended in make-out sessions or fights. She seems to thrive off confrontation and spreads the rumor that Bryon is trying to get back with her. Whenever Bryon asks her if she came with Ponyboy Curtis to the dance, she responds by cursing at Bryon before she walks away. Bryon also mentions that Angela wasn’t afraid to do whatever she wanted and refers to her as being “gutsy.” Angela Shepard is also a vindictive person and gets a guy to try to pick a fight with Ponyboy because she was mad at him for ignoring her. Later on in the novel, Byron and Mark run into Angela when she is drunk at the Ribbon. Angela laments her decision to marry someone who she wasn’t in love with and Mark ends up cutting off her hair to get revenge. Overall, Angela Shepard is a shallow pretty girl who has major anger issues and a spiteful personality.

bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Angela is beautiful, but there is little she won't do to get what she wants.  She drops Bryon for Ponyboy, but when Ponyboy will have nothing to do with her, Angela goes running back to Bryon. She gets a friend to start a fight with Ponyboy, causing Mark to get injured when he helps Ponyboy. Bryon learns Angela set up the fight and later cuts off her hair when she gets drunk one night. She has her brothers beat Bryon up for that.