How and why does John Proctor change in The Crucible?

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At the beginning of the play, John Proctor is a remorseful, private individual, who resents having an affair with Abigail Williams and is primarily focused on maintaining his positive reputation among his neighbors and the citizens of Salem. Once the rumors of witchcraft begin to spread throughout the community and a court is established in Salem, John Proctor attempts to distance himself and does not initially believe in the court's authority. Although Proctor is aware that Abigail Williams and the girls are lying, he does not wish to get involved and is reluctant to divulge the significant information.

However, Elizabeth's arrest changes everything for John and he feels obligated to expose the corrupt court. In an attempt to protect his wife and undermine the court, John makes Mary Warren travel into Salem with him and they both address the court officials. John becomes the court's primary opponent and discovers that he must expose Abigail as a manipulative sinner. John makes the...

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