How and for what purpose did Shakespeare create the conflicting perspectives in Julius Caesar and what are these conflicting perspectives?   

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Shakespeare creates a conflicting perspective in Julius Caesar in how presents different groups’ attitudes toward the character of Julius Caesar.

One perspective is that of the common people of Rome. They revere Julius Caesar. They see him as a conquering hero. Shakespeare demonstrates this in the beginning of the play when we see the people celebrating Caesar’s return in streets.

Another perspective is that of the politically involved upper class. They have quite a different opinion of Caesar. They see him as a threat to their political power and freedom. Cassius is a senator who feels threatened enough to form a conspiracy of like-minded men to protect their freedom by overthrowing Caesar. Brutus soon joins the conspiracy, and Caesar is killed soon thereafter.

However, the will of the people overwhelms the conspirators (thanks to the persuasive power of Antony) and they are driven from Rome and eventually defeated in battle by Antony and Octavius.


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