How does anarchism transgress traditional understandings of the state and political order?

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Anarchism is a theory that criticizes the concept of having a central government or state. The ideologies of the philosophy are based on the significance of individual freedom. It embraces the view that people should succeed in life because of having a mutual understanding with one another. Anarchism focuses on establishing ideal societies by changing the traditional state and political order. Political anarchists do not acknowledge the legitimacy of state power. Therefore, they often do not agree with many actions by the state.

Anarchism holds the view that having a few people with excess power enslaves the ordinary citizen. Anarchists believe that societies should be devolved and decisions should be made based on voluntary consensus. The views held by political anarchists are subject to much debate because the traditional state and political order is a complicated concept that aims to ensure that every person has individual liberty through the separation and distribution of power.

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