Siegfried Sassoon

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How can I analyze the poem "Does it Matter" By Siegfried Sassoon?

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In Siegfried Sassoon’s poem “Does It Matter,” he exhibits a strong anti-war message by portraying the difficulties of wounded veterans upon their return from war. His poem expounds on the lack of feelings society has toward the injured soldiers. Throughout the poem, he asks rhetorical questions and uses rhyming lines to emphasize his meaning. He asks whether it is really a problem that a soldier lost his legs because others will treat him with kindness. If a soldier is left blind, that is not a problem because there is employment for the blind and one can still turn their face toward the sun. His words express his feelings about the mistaken attitude of society that a person can just “buck-up” and find a way to be useful in spite of devastating losses from fighting for one’s country. It does not matter if the soldiers’ dreams have died due to their service. “Do they matter-those dreams in the pit?” Sasson even describes how society gives a wounded veterans license to drink to drown their feelings after completing their duties. The satirical poem depicts Sassoon’s deep disillusionment with war and the treatment of its returning heroes.

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