How does one analyze a film when it based upon a novel?I am now studying the film The Painted Veil.

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When analyzing a film based upon a novel, one needs to keep one thing in mind: the film, by its own rights, is a work adapted or interpreted (there is a difference in outcome) by a director or screenwriter based upon the original text. Films like this may be analyzed based upon how well they depict the plot, scene, and characters portrayed in the text .

Keeping that in mind, when analyzing a film, one needs to pay special attention to the overall meaning of the film, in its relation to the original text. Given that not all readers of a text interpret it in the same way, viewers of these films need to look for what the director/writer is highlighting; essentially, what did the director/writer take from the original text.

In regards to the film version of The Painted Veil, one needs to consider if the filmatic adaptation characterizes Kitty as the lost and shallow character she is in the novel, the emotional appeal she has on the viewer, and if her story holds true to that depicted in the novel. Outside of that, the creative allowances the director/writer of the film need to simply be judged for their translation onto film.