How do I analyse her poem? I have to write an essay on the poem.....The poet is Sujata Bhatt. Help me; thanks.

zulmira | Student
First, read the poem for understanding. Ask yourself what is it that the author wants me know or feel, theme. Then summarize that idea in your own words. Second go through the poem line by line seeking poetic devices utilized to convey the meaning. Remember, poems are dense, meaning a lot of meaning is found in small units. To help, consider similes and metaphors first, easy to identify. Then think about them in terms of figurative language. Are they related to sight, sound, feeling, or scent? If so why? What does the author want you to think about? Does it help with the theme? If yes, you are well on your way! What other devices does the author use? Think of them in the same way. Finally, start your paper with a topic sentence about the theme and continue with how the theme is conveyed with the poetic devices. Use the terms, utilize quotes from the poem to identify the terms and to discuss how they help convey the meaning/ theme of the poem. Good luck