How an anti-Indian typical British outlook is projected in the character Mr Turton ?

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Mr. Turton is not an awful sort.  He is shown to be a typical British person in India.  He is not really concerned with getting to understand the different culture that India is.  Rather, he is more animated by the idea of being a "little god" of India.  He is not like Fielding in that he seeks to establish bonds with those in India.  He is a representative of England, of "the Queen," and carries himself as such.  He does represent an anti- Indian perspective in that he only wishes to know Indians who accommodate themselves to the British manner and demeanor.  The "bridge party" is a great example of that, as it does not feature the diverse and eclectic nature of the people who live on the subcontinent.  Rather, it is a collection of "pre approved" Indians.  Turton would represent the Anti- Indian attitude projected throughout the British Raj because he demonstrates little in way of seeking to broaden the connection and understanding between both groups.

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