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Although Amulya is not one of the book's main characters he is significant, nonetheless. As indeed is the manner of his death: shot through the heart during anti-Swadeshi riots. The death of Amulya is deeply symbolic. He was young and naive, someone governed by his emotional attachment to Sandip, India, and the Swadeshi movement. In other words, he always allowed his heart to overrule his head.

But that heart has been destroyed, both literally and metaphorically. Amulya's death is the death of innocence. As a humble foot soldier in the Swadeshi movement he was shamelessly manipulated by Sandip and Bimala, becoming little more than a pawn in their political games. But Amulya never understood this. He was so naive, so deeply committed to what he believed was a noble cause, that he never seriously entertained the thought that his supposed comrades would ever try to exploit him.

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Amulya dies from a bullet wound to the heart.

In the story, Bimala is happy when she succeeds in thwarting Sandip's influence over Amulya, who is like an adopted son to her. Bimala is especially thrilled when Amulya agrees to return the money he stole from Nikhil's treasury. 

Pleased by Bimala's approving manner, Amulya leaves to keep his promise. However, he is not heard from again. Bimala begins to worry, fearing that she has sent Amulya into a dangerous situation. She castigates herself for encouraging the young man to embark on such a difficult mission.

Later, it is discovered that Amulya brought the money back to the manager of Nikhil's office in Chakna and confessed his part in taking the 6,000 rupees.

Amulya later dies; however, it is not entirely clear why he was shot. The text hints that he may have been caught up in a conflict between Nikhil's men and Muslims who were raiding Harish Kundu's treasury and assaulting the women of Kundu's home. During the skirmish, Nikhil was wounded in the head, but Amulya received a fatal bullet wound to the heart.

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