How is Ammonium Nitrate manufactured?i would like a very detailed answer including the process of Ammonium Nitrate step by step. Thank you

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embizze eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For manufacturing purposes the reaction `HNO_3(aq)+NH_3(l)->NH_4NO_3(aq)` is used

Anhydrous ammonia is combined with concentrated nitric acid (don't try this at home). Then the excess water is evaporated off.

The solution is then blown into a tower or rotating drum (depending on desired application) to produce granules which can then be dried and coated if needed.

kavya--kammana | Student
Ammonium nitrate can be made from various easily obtained materials.
The purest and most direct way is to simply mix ammonia with nitric acid. The neutralization reaction creates ammonium nitrate. Commercial ammonium nitrate is made this way.
NH3 + HNO3 --> NH4NO3
Evaporating off the water yields pure ammonium nitrate.
The ammonia can be obtained as a household cleaner while the nitric acid can be made from other nitrate salts.
Now making nitric acid from a nitrate salt is a very indirect way of obtaining ammonium nitrate. While this does yield the best purity, if purity is not require then it is possible to convert a nitrate salt into ammonium nitrate by selectively precipitating out the metal cation.