How is Amir the true hero rather than Hassan in The Kite Runner?

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The short answer is that he's not. Amir is the protagonist of Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner, but he certainly does not portray the most heroic characteristics. The reason why Amir is the "hero," is that it's more interesting for a reader to follow a flawed character than a great one. When we read a book, we mostly do it out of a desire to go along with someone on a journey. As a result, protagonists are often people who are missing something, which in Amir's case is confidence and redemption.

When you compare the two characters, Hassan absolutely comes off better and more suitable to be the hero. He is kind, loyal and strong; whereas Amir is a petty, cowardly person who struggles to stand up for what is right for most of the novel. Therein is the answer, however. Hassan is already at the end of his character development as the story begins. He doesn't change a lot, with the exception of becoming sadder. Amir, on the contrary, is only at the beginning, making him the logical focal point...

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