How were the American colonies affected by the changes in governmental power in England between 1642 and 1689?

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Beginning in 1642, England found itself in a state of civil war between the English King and parliament. The effects of the war would be felt in the American colonies, which were under British control at the time.

Under the rule of Charles I, royal colonies like Virginia were expected to support the King. They did, however, have a bit more freedom as it pertained to trade and commerce. King Charles I would be defeated, giving way to a republican Commonwealth government. Under the Commonwealth, England forged a new, closer relationship with the colonies. The colony of Virginia opposed the new government, and stated that Charles II was the rightful ruler. Virginia was eventually forced to submit to the control of the Commonwealth in 1652.

In 1660, Charles II would ascend back to the throne. Virginia was viewed positively by the government of Charles II, as they had attempted to oppose the Commonwealth government.

With the Glorious Revolution in 1688, England would again undergo changes. The establishment of the English Bill of Rights would eventually have a significant impact on the establishment of the American Bill of Rights. It would also be during this time period that some of the early seeds of the American Revolution would be sewn.

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