How all of the characters in seed folk are connected in some way

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     In the Seed Folk story, the characters are connected by their participation on how the garden is created in a vacant lot. After numerous transitions of the events unfold, it started and ended with Kim planting a lima seed. Serendipity of events that touch of the lives of the people, that leads one thing to another, shows how the lives of people are interconnected.  Trivial things in life could lead to a fateful encounter, inspiration, or life changing events.

     It all started with Kim (Vietnamese girl) who planted a lima seed that arouse suspicion by Ana (old woman) as illegal drug being buried. Upon the discovery that it just a lima seed, she replanted the seed and somehow enlisted the help of Wendell who created a small garden to prevent it from dying as a seed being planted in wrong season.  This in turn entice the participation of Tio Juan (framer) and Sam (nice old man) that ends upon having competition about water source for garden supply. Because of this, Gonzalo saw a different side of his Tio Juan through his gardening skills. As any events in life, obstacle comes into play. Leona complains garbage in the garden that end up clearing the lot.

     A new garden flourished once again when Curtis planted tomatoes (courtship gift for former girlfriend Lateesha) outside the fence. With the enlisted help from Royce (homeless) to guard from being stolen, the garden serves as therapeutic for the people passing by like Sae Young (victim of robbery) who felt safer; Mr Myles (man in a wheel chair) with his nurse Nora found excitement to join planting, Maricela (16-yr old pregnant) realized miracle of life; and Amir (Indian immigrant) who became friends with someone he had a disagreement before. As by luck, the new friendship along with other two men helped in arresting a robber.

    As winter and fall passed by, the garden becomes untended that upsets Florence (garden lover with arthritis on her wrist) who watched on the side line. But as a cycle of life comes to a full circle, Kims once again planted a lima seed in spring.


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