How did Alice find herself?

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Alice is able to find herself in no longer being afraid of the world around her.  When she is in the Queen's court, Alice generates the courage to stand up, literally and figuratively, to what is happening around her.  For the first time in the narrative, Alice finds her voice at the absurd nature of the hearings and the lack of order in the world around her.  Alice is no longer afraid.  She is able to use her voice and in doing so, she is able to find herself.  Alice is no longer able to cower in fear of the world around her.  When the Queen threatens to silence Alice, she stands up and proclaims that all the Queen has are cards.  She is no longer afraid.  It is here in which Alice finds herself as she is able to stand up for what she believes in and not live in constant fear and doubt.  Her physical development is matched with her emotional voice and through both, Alice finds herself.  On another level, Alice finds herself because she is able to speak out against that which is wrong and that which is not acceptable.  Through this, Alice is able to articulate a vision of what should be and this becomes a critical part of her being able to find herself.  


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