How are the leadership qualities of Alaska Young shown in the story?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Alaska Young's primary leadership quality is her ability to inspire people and draw them into her circle.  When she first meets Miles, she does not retreat into a realm of isolation.  She immediately forges a connection with him.  Recognizing his talent for remembering people's last words, she shares with him the Marquez quote.  This is a small way in which she is able to demonstrate leadership qualities within the first instant of meeting someone.

She furthers her leadership qualities of standing up for people when she takes to defending Miles.  She is a critical force in plotting the prank against the Weekday Warriors.  Alaska is a leader in how she does not sacrifice loyalty for convenience, standing up for people who might not expect to be represented.  Part of this comes from her own feeling of failing her mother at her critical hour.  The lack of leadership of which her father accuses her is evident in her drive to defend others, sometimes sacrificing herself and her comfort to do so. This is a leadership quality that is seen until her demise, and reflective of how much she embraced the abilty to stand up for others in their time of need.

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