How does agricultural mysticism affect the way Belle regards the nature around her?

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Belle Graycloud has a strongly mystical relationship to her immediate environment, to the very soil beneath her feet. In keeping with tribal tradition she sees the natural world as an enchanted place, deeply infused with the spirits of her ancestors. This reverential attitude towards the earth sets Belle apart from many of the Osage people, who are only too happy to get rich off the land's exploitation by oil companies.

Although Belle comes close to being killed for her opposition to drilling on Osage land, she lives to fight another day. And one could say there's something significant about the fact that, while so many others have been murdered, she survives. The suggestion here is that Belle has escaped a violent death because of the close, mystical connection to the soil that she's maintained. It's almost as if she's protected by the ancient spirits that haunt the land and to which she's always shown such reverence and respect.

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