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How does advertising help the customers?

Expert Answers

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Although advertising, especially in its more intrusive forms such as telemarketing and unsolicited mail, can be a major annoyance, some types of advertising can prove useful to customers.

Good advertising can provide information that can help customers make buying decisions or become aware of new products. For example, companies could advertise product innovations such as solar chargers for cell phones or energy-efficient intelligent appliances that consumers might want to buy but had not been aware of previously. Customers who are searching for information about products can find well-designed websites and other types of informative display advertising useful.

Another type of useful advertising involves announcing sales or price reductions. In that case, a customer might have known about a product but been reluctant to buy it due to price, but interested in buying it at a reduced price. Advertising that includes coupons or discount codes can also be useful.

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