How are advances in science and technology affecting the way we define our humanity?

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I believe that humanity has changed because of science and technology, primarily by means of the availability to almost everyone on the planet of instant communication.  A protest on Wall Street is seen by the world within minutes of its start.  Flash mobs can be organized in minutes or hours.  The death of Khadafi is instantly witnessed worldwide.

Here is how humanity has been changed:  We are no longer a world of multiple cultures unaware of and unsympathetic to one another.  Instead we now have a oneness that encompasses what humans are, living beings struggling to survive and thrive, all sharing a need for love, nurturing, protection by our government, and freedom from hunger, oppression and neglect.

In today's world of science and technology, totalitarian governments cannot survive (as we have recently seen in the Middle East).

Every person has a different view of humanity, whether it be the ability to reason abstractly or rationally, or speech, or tool use... science and...

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