How, according to junior, is the game "like watching dog fights" in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian?

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A local news crew comes to interview Junior before the big game. A reporter asks him how it feels to play against his former teammates. "It's kind of weird" is Junior's honest response. But this is not what the reporter interviewing him wants to hear. "It's kind of weird" is too vague for him. He wants to know specifically what kind of emotions Junior's experiencing right now.

While Junior acknowledges that the forthcoming game is a big deal—in fact, the biggest thing in his life ever—he's certainly not about to share his deepest emotions with a guy from the media. He's a reporter, not a priest.

Besides, Junior's somewhat suspicious of how white people like the reporter are framing the big game. They seem to be setting it up as some kind of grudge match, an epic battle between Indians. Junior thinks that for white folks, watching the game will be like watching a dogfight. Not surprisingly, Junior feels exposed and primitive, like an animal forced to participate in a blood sport for other people's entertainment.

Junior expresses his contempt for this attitude by deliberately ruining the news reporter's interview, refusing to say anything more than that he feels weird ahead of the big game.

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