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How is the 1999 movie Sleepy Hollow an example of the  Romantic movement?    

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Burton's film is representative of Romanticism in a variety of ways.  The concept of the Headless Horseman is represented as a vision a someone or something of "the unknowable."  Romanticism was animated by the idea that there is something beyond the empirical, of what can be scientifically proven.  Romanticism was a strong follower of this, and that within the mysterious, something unique to individual consciousness was present.  The nightmares that Crane experiences would be a part of this.  At the same time, I think that Crane's exploration of the self is also something that is representative of Romanticism.  In this light, Crane's understanding of his own subjectivity is something that is vitally important to Romanticism.  Finally, the idea of emotional aspect of Crane's characterization, in terms of fears, hopes, and expectations are representative of the movement, is an important aspect of Romanticism.  Romantic thinkers believed that the exploration of self, the true essence of identity, is rooted in the emotional and feeling aspect of humanity.

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