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gpane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The novel focusses on the struggles of its central character, Winston Smith, against the brutally repressive and all-controlling government of his time, the Party. Winston is not an obvious hero; physically he is weak, and he is also fairly timid. But he is heroic in the way that he takes a stand against the Party, even though it is a fight that he knows from the beginning that he cannot win, simply because the Party is so powerful. Even when he is caught and tortured, he still fights to maintain his convictions and to challenge the Party as much as he can. It is true that he is overcome at the end, finally manipulated into thinking and believing as the Party wants him to, but the novel does make clear that he fought as much as was humanly possible. Therefore we see his rebellion, from its beginnings to its final, inevitable end.The novel can be called the story of his journey as the focus is on him throughout; everything we learn of this nightmarish futuristic world is mediated through his thoughts and actions.