Is the house that mother and father lived in large and airy in "The Revolt of Mother"?  

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The house that mother and father have is small and cramped, not big and airy.

“The Revolt of ‘Mother’” is largely a story about the difference in perspective between men and women.  The mother and daughter want a large and beautiful house for her upcoming wedding, but the father wants to build a barn to buy more cows.  The difference in priorities causes conflict.

When father decides to build the barn, he does not tell the women.  The daughter does not find out until she sees men digging the cellar.  When she complains to her mother, her mother tells her she might as well learn that men don’t tell women anything.

 “… One of these days you'll find it out, an' then you'll know that we know only what men-folks think we do, so far as any use of it goes...”

Although her mother tells her that she should be happy with her clean kitchen, both mother and daughter would rather have a house with a parlor to entertain.  This is especially true since she is getting married.

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