House Taken Over Summary

What is the summary of the short story House Taken Over, and what theme is it? Also, who are the characters in the short story?


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House Taken Over is a short story written by Julio Cortazar. It is set in Buenos Aires and it centers around a brother and his sister. The brother is the narrator and is unnamed, his sister is Irene and two live in a large family home, that has been in the family for generations. Irene and her brother are in their forties and have never been married. Irene was engaged a couple of times, and her brother was going to be married, but his future wife died before they could set the date, so the two of them live alone in the big house. They spend their days cleaning and then doing what makes them happy. Irene knits all day and the brother loves to read. One night he hears a noise that makes him believe that part of the house is being "taken over", so he locks up that part...

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