What questions can I ask about The House of the Scorpion for a prediction for my journal?

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The House of the Scorpion is about a time in the future where drug lords seem to run everything and human cloning is common.  If I were writing a reading journal in the beginning, I would ask myself:

What will happen when El Patron meets his clone, Matteo Alacran?

Cloning is a complex moral issue.  Matteo is kept hidden far from the main house for most of his young life, but then he sees some children at the window.  Thus begins the exodus of Matteo to finding out who he truly is, and what he truly is.  I think this would be a great topic for a reading journal. I would write about how El Patron would react.  Will he kill Matteo, or treat him kindly?  I would also write about how Matteo will react?  Will he grow up to be intelligent like El Patron?  Will he be ruthless?


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