Identify personification in The House on Mango Street.

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Personification is not as readily used by Cisneros in The House on Mango Street--there are many more examples of simile and metaphor.  However, there are some key examples of personification.  In the vignette titled "Born Bad," Esperanza explores religious guilt and her belief that she will go to hell.  Her mother has told her that the family will have to pay for their sins against their Aunt Lupe.  Her aunt became sick with a terminal illness, and Esperanza uses personification to characterize the disease and the time before her aunt's death:

"Maybe the sky didn't look the day she fell down."

"But I think diseases have no eyes.  They pick with a dizzy finger anyone, just anyone."

These examples suggest that Esperanza feels like her aunt's disease had a mind of its own and that there was no reason why it should have been her aunt to get sick.  Esperanza explores the unfair, random nature of fate and how it has affected both her and her family.

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