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According to the creator of the show,David Shore, the character of House was not even in the original idea for the drama. Shore has stated that "the show was sold as a crime/police procedural, but instead of bad guys, the germs were the suspects. So it was more of a CSI kind of idea." It was only after the show was sold to the networks that the character of House originated because, says Shore, "This is going to get very dry because germs don't have motives."Shore credits the series star, Hugh Laurie for the characterization of the main characters. . . . In the wrong hands, he [House] could just be hateful. Somehow, Hugh Laurie has managed to turn this role into one of People magazine's sexiest men in America. When I was writing the character that was not what I had in mind." If you believe the creator, it's a case of coincidence that there are some similarities between the two characters.

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