The Host by Stephenie Meyer Okay so a lot of people have read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. i have too but i personally think that her other book the Host is better. I was wondering what...

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Okay so a lot of people have read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. i have too but i personally think that her other book the Host is better. I was wondering what other people think. please share any opinions you have on the host.

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slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I personally was very pleased with The Host. Although I am not usually a fan of alien books, I read it because I loved the Twilight series. What I found was very pleasing -- the book really is not about aliens at all, but about the humanity that these characters feel and exhibit. Although some of the characters happen to be aliens, there is real human struggle, moral and ethical questions, real emotion, and a great love story. I think Stephenie Meyer does really well with these themes, and that is why she is so successful. She creates characters with real flaws and complex personalities that we can relate to, even in fantasy/sci fi situations like worlds where there are vampires and aliens. She makes it realistic and believeable by her in depth character development. 

And lmbateman, I agree with your analysis, I think Stephenie Meyer has improved as a writer with The Host. She is very good at creating interesting characters and a driving plot that make it hard to put down the book!

dswain001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have read both and quite honestly I found "The Host" to be a bit boring. It took a while for it to pick up and even after things started happening, it just wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be.

Perhaps I am biased because I enjoyed the "Twilight" Saga so much. I think where S.M. went wrong was when she made the move from supernatural/fantasy to science fiction. They are two different genres and similarly have two different fan bases. Someone who enjoys books from the fantasy genre won't necessarily enjoy science fiction.

I respect her as an author. I give her kudos for trying her hand at something new. But, I think she should stick with what she's good at.

udonbutterfly | Student

I am going to have to go with Twilight here. I tried my best to read the Host but it's just so... confusing. I only got through the book half way before I was back on my way to the library to return it. I was really excited for this book but it just disappointed me.

dead-romace91 | Student

The Host is amazing I adore twilight and have read the series over 5 times and still think the host beats it out! The Host has more growth in the characters minds and you can truely grow with them. It's moral depth and over all message is one to be praised. The characters are at constant battle with themselves and you can't help but be torn along with them. Though is has a very dry beggining once you get into it you're a fan for life!

love-math | Student

i  haven't read the host but is it true that the twilight saga characters are there???    I LOVE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!

please answer the question...

No I have read both the twilight saga and the host the character are different in each. I don't even recall any character with the same name.

I only read a little bit of the host and gave up because it was too hard to get into. I guess this is because I'm a light reader. I am really loving twilight saga but I think that the host is pretty awesome if you get into it. P.S jap234, the twilight characters are not in the host. if they were then that would make the host part of the twilight saga. Altho, Stephenie Meyer isnt done with twilight characters so there will be some more of them coming out. I dont think it will be midnight sun, but it might be something similar.

jap234 | Student

i  haven't read the host but is it true that the twilight saga characters are there???    I LOVE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!

please answer the question...

xfrozenpetalx | Student

Honestly, the Twilight Saga is better then the Host. The Host doesn't have a very good...flow, in the beginning and is hard to get into. The story plot is pretty good though...but I hate the ending. I didn't want Wanda to be some "peggie" chick who is all small and can't work, and I kind of wanted her to end up with that other guy. I really think it is just one of the prefrence choices of what kind of stories you like: vampires or..alien soul things? :D

amberangel | Student

I believe the Host is better. It maintains the character through the story (no chance the character will loose what it is to be that character, i.e. Bella lost her will in Twilight) and it's an engaging read. I'm not saying Twilight was bad, but I admit it was boring at times (where I just skip the whole section out of boredom) and Bella's character was no sustained. She was manipulated easily by Edward. Wanderer keeps her integrity, and although shows bouts of weaknesses and goes through a period of change, essentially provides a better character and plot.

Besides, I like Sci-Fi, nomatter how little technology she seems to want to talk about. I'm a logical person. You can't just tell me Heal will heal. I'm bound to ask why. Is it accelerated ..? etc

boou2 | Student

i read the host and i think it was much better than twilight b/c some pp have alot of connetions with the host and with twilight all u can think about is edward.


lmbateman | Student

Actually, I think The Host is better, thought I love Twilight as well.  They share a lot: both are character driven, and Stephenie Meyer has a gift for absorbing, can't-put-it-down narrative.  

The difference is that, quite honestly, as a writing students, I have to say that the Twilight saga is flawed, technically.  The first two times I read it, I was so absorbed by the story that I didn't even notice.  By the third time though, I did notice.  For example, I got really tired of how many times Edward was referred to as "god-like."  

For The Host, Stephanie Meyer had improved as a writer, no surprise.  For a long time I didn't see the flaws in Twilight that people kept mentioning.  But either way, I have to say that The Host is my favourite.  

Things don't need to happen because it is character driven, or rather, the things that happen can be very much in the character's head.  Twilight was no different in that regard.  I mean, that's why the book didn't transfer well to the screen-it simply depended so much on Bella's perspective, on being in her head. 


One poster said it may be the genre change.  I read both fantasy and sci-fi.  This was sci-fi in name only, not hard sci-fi with plausible sounding, thoroughly explained technologies.  Make the aliens some magic creature and it is fantasy.  So I don't think anyone can blame it on a genre change.

Conclusion: Twilight is good, The Host is better.

thehostlover | Student

yeah i do love twilight i just like the host better

missy1992 | Student

I've read both and i think that they are both ood. Just in different ways.  But i really do love Twilight

tayloredward | Student

OMFG i love Twilight and i haven't

read the host yet but i am going too

and i think that Twilight is still going to better sorry my opinions

so i can't wait to read the host!!!!!

i read all the Twilight series and its Amazing!!!!!:)

sorry i am obessed with twilight loll


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