Discuss Hosseini’s choice of title for "The Kite Runner" and explore its effectiveness.  In "The Kite Runner."

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"The Kite Runner" is the best choice for this story since it is a symbol of first the relationship between Amir and Hassan and later between Amir and Sohrab, Hassan's son. It is a symbol of companionship, friendship, but also of vulnerability. Amir and Hassan's friendship "breaks" for more than one reason: Amir belittles Hassan as an inferior, unconsciously jealous of Baba's paternal love for him, feeling "second fiddle" in a family relationship he doesn't understand; he also betrays Hassan when he doesn't defend him from Assef and his gang, watching Hassan suffer the humiliation of being raped rather than taking the risk of also being beaten.

The title is also appropriate in that it is a tale of restoration and liberation. Amir is too late in defending his friend, but he seeks out Sohrab, Hassan's son, and helps him escape Assef's clutches; later he adopts him as his son. The kite here is a symbol of transcendance over evil and the "resurrection" of a broken relationship. Amir does for Sohrab what he should have done for Hassan. He suffers for it (as his hands are bloodied from the kite's strings), but his soul is finally set free.

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