What are Paul’s experiences in the hospital in Chapter 10 of All Quiet on the Western Front?  

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After Paul's arm is wounded and his leg broken, he is taken to the hospital. There the doctors are quick to amputate rather than try to save limbs, but after one doctor probes around Paul's wounded arm, he finally comes up with a shell. Paul's leg is also placed in a splint, then plastered; however, the lice continue to torture him under the cast. 

Paul is transferred to a Catholic hospital where he is well treated. However, when the sisters pray and leave the door open, Paul and the other men are angered and yell, "Shut the door!" Finally, Paul is so incensed because he wishes to sleep that he throws a bottle. However, when the inspector arrives to investigate the incident, one patient, Josef  Hamacher, takes the blame, reporting that he has a condition caused from a head wound that often leads him to do irrational things.

One night another patient, Franz Wachter asks the men to ring because he thinks he has a hemorrhage. Paul rings, but the night sister does not come; finally, she...

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