Wilfred Owen

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Explain how the horrors of war are expressed in "Disabled."

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There are several instances in which the horrors of war are illustrated in this poem. In the end, it is as though the soldier is forgotten and knows he is forgotten. The fact that he is in a wheelchair "legless, sewn short at elbow" and that he's thrown away his knees illustrates that he's upset and feels a sense of remorse and also regret. He goes back to the old days and thinks of a time when the idea of his hurts didn't seem so bad - when they carried him shoulder high after a football game. This gives the poem a sense of remose and irony.

Finally, at the end he pleads for the nurses to come and put him to bed - to take him away, but they aren't there. He's become an incomplete man because of the war that he found himself fighting.

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