Horror MoviesThe horror movie is an outgrowth if the horror story and is a perennial favorite with audiences. Choose a horror film that you found especially effective, and analyze the elements that...

Horror Movies

The horror movie is an outgrowth if the horror story and is a perennial favorite with audiences. Choose a horror film that you found especially effective, and analyze the elements that make the movie so well (consider plot, characters, setting).

Summary : "The Feather Pillow" begins with a girl named Alicia, who had just recently been newly wed to an impassive man named Jordan. The young couple had moved into an almost empty house, which had little services to offer his housebound wife. Soon, however, as seasons changed to autumn, the young girl contracted a mild case of influenza and began to feel languid. As the days followed, her symptoms did not subside, but became even worse. The doctors were summoned; unsure of the cause of her deteriorating condition they prescribed rest. Hallucinations began to plague her thoughts, which made the complications even worse. All that her worried Jordan could do was pace the floor frantically up and down by her bedside begging the doctors to save his wife's life. With no prevail, the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with poor Alicia. With no cure for Alicia's illness, the young wife died two days later. Preparing to wash Alicia's bed-sheets, the servant noticed two small, dark bloodstains. Trying to raise the pillow to the light to further investigate her findings, the heavy weight of the pillow caused it to crash on to the floor. Jordan picked up the pillow and placed it on the dining room table, where he sliced it in half. Beneath the feathers, there was a large parasite with a large proboscis. Within a period of only five days and five nights, this normally small parasite had made a feast of Alicia's blood, and had caused the newly wedded wife to die abruptly.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When it comes to horror classics, I always think first of Mel Brooks' comedy masterpiece Young Frankenstein and the campy musical Rocky Horror Picture Show. Young Frankenstein borrows liberally from the earlier Frankenstein movies, is deliberately shot in B&W for an authentic 1930s (or earlier) look and feel, and features a cast that nearly redefines the cinematic standards of the story's characters. There has still never been another horror story quite like Rocky Horror, with its overtly trans/bi-sexuality and memorable rock score. But it was Rocky's groundsbreaking audience participation love-a-thons--most memorably at midnight theater viewings--that make it unique among any film genre.

e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I recently re-watched the film Sleeping with the Enemy. This movie is a suspense thriller, but it uses some horror devices as well. One device in particular is the characterization of the antagonist. 

The director chooses to accompany this character's scenes with dark and ominous music to create a sense that this is not only a bad guy, but a monster. This music is directly associated with the character through repetition and later juxtaposed to bright, happy music that becomes associated with the protagonist's sense of safety.

Music is often used this way in horror films to good effect.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I guess that's pretty gross, but I don't know if it falls into the horror movie category.  Maybe they should have investiaged the pillow sooner.  I do wonder were the bug came from in the first place.  It makes you wonder about hotel rooms!