How are Romeo and Juliet's feelings for each other infatuation? Explain.

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Infatuation is a passion that is most often defined by these characteristics: unreasoned, foolish, short-lived, over-powering.

Romeo and Juliet don't know each other.  They have spent no time discussing their interests, beliefs, goals, or dreams.  They have not spent time together, period.  They spnd moments together.  They are carried away by their initial meeting, by physical attraction and the excitment of initial interest.  After this first meeting, they have a short exchange when Juliet is on the balcony.  Again, they don't get to know each other - they just spend time discussing their love for one another and then make a date to marry.  That's certainly quick!

Without considering how to best make their love work, they rush into marriage.  Juliet at first tries to temper Romeo's passion by showing concern for his safety and caution for their feelings - she is shortly overcome by the power of her infatuation and agrees to marry him.  They lie and encourage others to lie for them.  They have lost sight for anything or anyone but each other.  When Tybalt is killed, Juliet has but a momentary thought for her cousin.  She is more concerned about her new husband, whom she has known for just a day now. 

Their love is so over-powering that they give up their own lives for it.  Forgetting their families and their friends, their infatuation steals their sense and they react foolishly.

mickey2bailey eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Romeo and Juliet's feelings for each are in fatuation based on the following facts:  Romeo has been "in love" with Rosaline even though she has not given him the time of day.  He has been daydreaming of his relationship with her for a long time.  This has been based solely on her looks.  Then he goes to the Capulet's ball and he sees Rosaline and still tries to get near to her and all of a sudden he sees Juliet and is in awe of her.  He has never met her, but has quickly forgotten about Rosaline and is now moving in Juliet's direction.  Juliet, who is turning fourteen and never had a boy/man in her life, is in awe of Romeo because he has given her his attention.  Within a span of a couple hours the two are giving each other their pledge to love and a proposition for marriage.  This is based on one evening of superficial romance.  Both of them are too immature and naive to know the real meani g of love and what is involved in a committment of marriage.  Knowing that their families are enemies, it almost becomes a challenge or rebellion against their parents.  It always seems like you want what you can't have.  Romeo and Juliet were bound and determined to be together no matter what anyone said.  You can't be in love without getting to know the other person and what they are all about.  Romeo and Juliet only knew each other on the outside not what is on the inside.

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