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What memories did The Giver transmit to Jonas in The Giver?

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Jonas is the next Receiver of Memory, so the Giver intends to pass on all of his memories to Jonas. During their time together, the Giver passes on many memories. Some ideas are simple, like that of sunshine, and others are painful, like the experience of warfare. Jonas runs away before the Giver can transfer all his memories.

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Jonas gets a memory of snow, sunshine, a sunburn, a red sled, a rainbow, hunting elephants, a sled crash, being burned, hunger, ocean, a battlefield, riding a horse, a birthday party, Christmas morning, and many others.

When Jonas first meets The Giver, he explains to the boy where the memories come from.

"It's the memories of the whole world," he said with a sigh. "Before you, before me, before the previous Receiver, and generations before him." (ch 10, p. 77)

The first memory Jonas receives from The Giver is the memory of snow in chapter 10.

Now, too, he could feel cold air swirling around his...

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This is a very broad question and I would be of better help if I knew whether you meant overall, in the beginning of his training, or in a certain chapter. Jonas is training to become the new Receiver of Memory, with this comes the transmission of all memories "The Giver" has from before Sameness began in their community. We know that The Giver starts off by giving Jonas simple memories of snow and sledding and sunshine. He shows Jonas what pain can mean using memories such as getting a sunburn. Lois Lowry doesn't specify every single memory Jonas is given but we know that Jonas experiences war, starvation, sailing, music, courage, strength, etc. through the explicit mentioning of them in the novel but it is difficult to infer every single memory he actually transmitted to Jonas throughout the novel aside from the ones the author gave to us explicitly.

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The specific number isn't specified, but there a years worth, two to four per day, and the giver said himself that Jonas had a large compilation.

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