Is honey a heterogeneous or a homogeneous mixture?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Honey is a homogenous mixture.

The difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous is the degree to which the materials that comprise the matter in question are distributed equally or unequally throughout the mixture.  In a homogeneous mixture, those materials are distributed equally or uniformly, and the component substances cannot be visibly isolated.  In contrast, a heterogeneous mixture is one with an imbalance in the distribution of matter.  And, of course, light can pass through a homogenous solution without obstruction, but cannot pass through a heterogeneous solution, as it is refracted or blocked by the uneven distribution of components.  In a heterogeneous mixture, there may be concentrations of one particular component with its unique properties.  Honey is a homogeneous mixture because it has the properties that define homogeneous solutions or mixtures.  It is produced by bees, obviously, and the component parts are uniformly distributed throughout the substance.  The component parts are not visible or, except with serious effort, separable.  Its appearance is completely uniform, and there is no settling of particles.  All of this makes honey a homogeneous substance.

udonbutterfly | Student

Honey is actually a pure substance! Honey is made through a process where bee's collect nectar. The nectar from the substance can not be separated.  Although honey does have a uniform properties it cannot be separated a mixture , whether is be heterogeneous or homogenous, implies the ability of a substance be separated.

atyourservice | Student

Honey is homogeneous because is has a uniform look. It has identical properties throughout, and it isn't easy to separate the components into parts. 

Something that would help you to remember the difference would be

Heterogeneous= raisin cookie (you can clearly tell there is a raisin and you can remove it in order to separate the cookie and the raisin)

Homogeneous = you can't easily separate.

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