In the book Holes by Louis Sachar, who stole Mr. Sir's sunflower seeds?

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Short Answer: Magnet stole Mr. Sir's bag of sunflower seeds.

In chapter 19, Mr. Sir drives out to the location where the boys are digging their holes and gives them a routine water break. After filling their canteens, Mr. Sir drives away, and Magnet surprisingly offers the boys some sunflower seeds. While Mr. Sir was occupied with filling the boys' canteens, Magnet stole his bag of sunflower seeds.

The boys proceed to toss the bag full of seeds around and indulge in the rare treat. Zigzag then throws the bag of seeds at Stanley, who accidentally drops the open bag in his hole. The seeds end up spilling in Stanley's hole, and he immediately attempts to sweep them back into the bag. Suddenly, Zigzag calls out to Stanley that Mr. Sir's truck is returning, and Stanley desperately begins to shovel dirt over the seeds and bag. Unfortunately, Mr. Sir discovers the bag of seeds in Stanley's hole and takes him to see the Warden about the incident.

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Mr. Sir gave up smoking and replaced it with eating sunflower seeds.  He carries his bag around with him daily, snacking on sunflower seeds.  

Magnet steals Mr. Sir's sunflower seeds one day.  Magnet offers them to the others in their group.  Everyone wants some except for Stanley.  Magnet tries to pressure Stanley into taking some seeds, and tosses the pack.  Stanley does not catch it, and the seeds spill inside his hole.  Worried about the seeds being found in his hole, Stanley attempts to cover them.  Mr. Sir arrives, determined to find out who took his seeds.  Some of the seeds in Stanley's hole are still visible despite his attempts to hide them.  Stanley then takes the blame for what Magnet actually did.  Even though Stanley pretends to be the thief, Mr. Sir does not think he was the one who took the seeds.

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